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GLOSS CLEAR COAT 1K. Ideal for partial repairs. Resistant to scratches, shocks and atmospheric agents. Suitable for repainting interior and exterior objects. Repels dirt and gets a smooth surface.<br /> .
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Technical sheet

Very fast drying. Ease of application and repainting. Application on basecoat after 30 minutes. Apply 2 coats, leaving 5-10 minutes between coats. Brightness approximately 60-80%. Limited resistance to gasoline and / or petroleum products.
Preparation before painting:
Clean and degrease the surface.
Instructions for use:
Shake the spray very well before using, approximately one minute after hearing the noise from the mixer. For best results, apply in thin layers at a distance of 25 cm (three thin layers are always better than a thick one). Repaintable in ten minutes with the same paint. After use, invert the spray to purge the valve. If the diffuser gets stuck, replace it with one again.
Do not apply on connected equipment and use in well ventilated areas.

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